Which Hut or Gazebo is best for my property

Outdoor Hut

Choosing the right outdoor hut or gazebo can be a difficult decision, you must consider the dimensions you have to work with and where to place the Hut. Whether it will be beside a pool, covering a BBQ, or simply as an area to sit and relax such as in a garden.

Outdoor Huts and Gazebos can increase your properties value for many reasons. Firstly, they’re an attractive investment that could lure a potential home buyer. When someone is buying a home, they consider every feature in depth such as where they’ll be cooking, how big their bedroom is, and where they might relax, every detail is important. If they know they can walk a few metres and be relaxing in a beautiful Hut or Gazebo this might be the one feature that lures them into purchasing the home. It can be their own modern tropical paradise to escape the stresses of life.

When choosing a Hut or Gazebo you can decide whether you want to DIY or have someone install it for you. There are many companies who sell all the materials and plans and may offer free installation or at a small fee and the best thing about these Huts is that they require virtually no maintenance if they are installed properly, hence why it’s best to hire a qualified contractor to install the hut or gazebo but the DIY options can be easy to assemble with detailed instructions and perfectly cut timber in order to construct the perfect hut. Most Huts and Gazebos come with an extended warranty which also is transferrable if the property is sold just to give that extra peace of mind.

Another reason a Hut or Gazebo is a great option is because they’re cheaper than adding an extension to your home. They will add more value than what they cost, and they’re in demand from home buyers. The hut or gazebo will allow you to fully utilise all facets of your property, turning perhaps a boring backyard into a tropical paradise.

Different Type of Huts and Gazebos

There are many different options when choosing your Hut or Gazebo. There are African, Asphalt, Bali, Beach, Cedar and Colorbond Huts and Gazebos. These Huts and Gazebos can be customised to your own dimensions. The roofs must be constructed at least at a 40-degree angle in order to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Exotic thatch was one of the first companies to adopt this roof construction. Certain software and measuring tools ensure that this is at the appropriate angle.

The African Hut provides an Authentic African vibe whereas the Bali Hut adds a more tropical feel, perfect for a Pool area or BBQ. The Colorbond option offers added UV protection against those harmful rays. The Cedar roof presents a beautiful western red cedar, a very fine softwood that is rot resistant and perfect for a greenhouse.

Whichever option you choose, you can be sure if the Hut or Gazebo is built correctly it will last for a long time and provide personal and monetary value to your home.

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